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Originators need to focus on getting business – not worrying about how to get the loans to the closing table. National Mortgage Processing is your ideal partner when you want your mortgage processing done efficiently and right the first time.


Why Choose Us?

National Mortgage Processing (NMP) is a cost effective licensed mortgage processing services provider. We specialize in Processing, Closing, Post-Closing and Quality Control of all Mortgage products. We provide the savings solution that all Mortgage Entities desire. Our back office platform reduces your overhead cost, increases turn times and closing rates, and allows you to grow a quality mortgage portfolio.

NMP is built upon an efficient business model that increases your
production by our structured processes and systems. Our staff consists of mortgage processing professionals who have extensive product knowledge and experience and in all aspects of mortgages:


  • processing, closing, post-closing

  • product and investor guidelines

  • residential, investor, bridge, hard money lending and bonds

  • quality control and regulatory requirements relating to mortgages

  • offer mortgage disclosure services

In today’s mortgage business environment, Compliance and Quality Control are major issues. Compliance Issues make it increasingly difficult for mortgage lenders to meet the requirements of investors and regulators.

Because NMP has over 40 years of combined mortgage experience, we are experts with all loan types: Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Bond, 203K, Reverse, Hard Money, etc. Therefore, rest assured our QC and Compliance expertise will help you reduce errors, stay compliant, avoid fines and increase the quality of your
mortgage portfolios.

You Are Our #1 Priority

Highest Level Of Expertise & Service Everytime ...Guaranteed

With Your Current In-House Processing Team

With National Mortgage Processing

  • Expensive staffing costs like payroll,
    taxes, workers compensation
    insurance, unemployment
    insurance, employee benefits,
    advertising, hiring, training,
    firing, re-training, additional
    equipment costs, supplies.


  • Sick/absent employees--files sit if
    no one is there to work on them.


  • Valuable office space is used for

  • No staffing costs to you! We incur
    the entire personnel cost.


  • No more staffing adjustments due
    to market changes. Our dedicated
    courteous team will always act in
    a professional manner while
    processing your loans.


  • We have experienced processors
    to help follow through with your


  • Your office space is now freed up
    for marketing and increasing

Whether you would like to outsource all of your loan processing, or need a processing center for overflow support during high-volume periods, NMP is here to help. Our primary goal is to close your loans as efficiently as possible, so you focus on achieving your goals.


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13106 Twilight Ct. Germantown MD 20874 info@nmprocessing.com  |  Tel: (240) 696-3628

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